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Tree stump removal is an important landscape project to ensure that the remaining tree & tree roots don’t become home to pests, insects, & in some cases diseases. Most homeowners love to see their yard beautiful, clean & green. Pest & diseases found in decaying stumps can easily attack & damage remaining trees & landscaping.

Southwest Florida Tree Service offers 2 Options for Stump Removal

Option 1 – Stump Grinding – Stump grinding is completed by using a small piece of heavy equipment that cuts the remaining tree stump and surrounding tree roots into small pieces that can be easily used for mulch or removed from your property. Stump grinding typically causes the least amount of damage to the surrounding lawn & landscaping. This makes stump grinding the best stump removal option for small or tight spaces. Additionally stump grinding can be the quickest to clean up and restore your lawn & landscape to its original look.

Option 2 – Stump Removal – Stump removal is completed by using our bobcat tractor to dig out, remove & haul away unwanted stumps & debris. Stump removal is not meant to be considered for small or tight spaces. Typically, stump removal is used when the surrounding area will need to be leveled, graded & compacted for roads or buildings.

Why Use Southwest Florida Tree Service for Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is the most affordable method to remove unwanted stumps. Our normal stump grinding service grinds stumps & roots several inches below ground level. This allows room for ground leveling and replanting grass or sod over the area.

If you planning on replacing the removed tree & stump with another tree we recommend a deep root stump grinding service. Our stump grinding machines have the ability to grind stumps deep enough in order to plant new trees where a previous tree was removed.

Why use Southwest Florida Tree Service for Stump Removal

Stump removal, clearing, & grading requires the right equipment & experience. Unlike stump grinding, stump removal requires the tree stump & roots to be removed. Leftover tree & root debris will rot & can settle over time. If a stable ground foundation for buildings, pools & driveways is required stump removal is your best option.

Our experienced bobcat operators can remove & haul away unwanted debris. We can also provide proper grading & leveling for your entire project

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The tree care specialists at Southwest Florida Tree Services can perform all your stump grinding or stump removal needs. In most cases, we can have your landscape clean & stump free in about a day, depending on the tree size & amount of stumps in your yard. Our workmanship and prices are unbeatable. For a “Free Onsite Estimate” please complete our online request form or for the fastest response call us today @ (239) 470-8444.

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